Post image for All Your Sisters Premiere New Track “Shame”

It’s no small secret that Exiled has a gloomy-sadkid-hard-on for All Your Sisters. The bay area dreary post punkers rub us exactly the way we like. They landed on this contributor’s end of year list, we hosted their Eugene show with Chasms and Entrail a few months back. We just kinda <3 them.

Their album Modern Failures is dropping on vinyl via Weyrd Son Records, and in celebration they’ve shared a new exclusive track with Swedish blog, Repartiseraren. We couldn’t help but pass it on. -Joshua Isaac Finch


Post image for News At The Speed Of Hangover: Fat White Family Releases Video “I Am Mark E Smith”

UK boys, Fat White Family dropped a video for dreary psych-pop gem, “I Am Mark E Smith” a couple days back, on NME. If you ask this guy, the video plays like an early 90′s short film by Beck or Sonic Youth, complete with acid imagery and Satan. All the makings of a damn good time.

The single is named for the frontman of the band The Fall (who joined the band onstage to perform the song at Beacons Festival recently) and won’t be featured on the band’s Fat Possum debut, “Champagne Holocaust” out on vinyl December 22, so maybe if you dig the single, just snag the single. Fuck if I know where, because it’s not available on their bandcamp. One can only hope that it’s a glimmer of new material, as the debut record was self-released over a year ago, and even the laziest of fat, white, garage bands can crank out a couple new songs in that time. I’m crossing my fingers for a new full length in the spring.

The Fatties will be gracing our shores for Austin Psych Fest come May 2015. I won’t hold my breath, but the video is cool enough to tide me over. – Joshua Isaac Finch


Post image for Milstein At The Movies: Exodus: Gods & Kings

Finally a Christmas movie for our Jewish friends! This remake of the 1988 classic “Twins” takes some really daring twists and turns to keep this age old classic fresh. Instead of Conan and The Penguin this version supposes Batman and comedian Robert Kelly are the estranged brothers in question. Wait…which question? This one? If so, that’s a weird answer. Also, rather than a bunch of gags about the one twin being an awesome governor and the other twin being a trollish character actor they made these twins be all hard by racing chariots and shit (chariots are old modes of transportation from when people thought cars and podiums were sort of the same thing or something). Also, Batman farts an ocean in half.

You know how sometimes you can see movie things happen and it forces your brain to think about real not-movie stuff that really happened to you? Well, this one made my brain remember the time that Stangwich (y’all know Gary) took me to a church that his friend Dave Poygledwart owns called “Dave’s Church”. I didn’t like it much because Dave just talked forever about how if everyone gives him money he won’t make a little man who lives in our hearts mad at us. I freaked and ran outside screaming to warn everyone that we all have a greedy man-fairy squatter living in us. No one really paid attention which is what this dude wants so now I just reluctantly shove change in my belly button every Sunday morning. He seems not mad.

Anyway, the crummy twin (Batman) also tells people what to do and tries to be cool by telling everyone that it’s not him, but tiny heart man that’s telling him what to do,  but in this the dude lives in the sky but hangs out in a small forest fire. I don’t know. I don’t like a lot of medieval fantasy stuff so it was hard to understand what’s up in this universe. What I do know is that you don’t need Dave or Batman to be able to talk to a tiny guy that lives in your body. Just look down at your chest with your mouth and say stuff. You should yell real loud though because I bet the human body is hella soundproof. Tell him what you thought of this movie or tell him to make his way down to the inside of your navel and get PAID, SON! Except don’t call him son because I think I remember something about this dude thinking he’s everyone’s dad so he’ll probably hit you a bunch if you disrespect him like that. Sometimes when I’m in public and I’m screaming at heart man, people try to tell me that he can hear me if I just think the words to him as long as I high five my own hands together and hold them there until I’m done thinking the words out, but that seems crazy.

-Sent from a rotary phone.


LostOdyssey’s End Of 2014 List

by on December 17, 2014

Flossless Audio recording artist, LostOdyssey crafts the chillest of chill beats. He’s also something of a critic. These are his favorite releases from this year. 


Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (Warp)

Definitely my top favorite from 2014. From the intricate, often unintelligible jazz infused ramblings of Flying Lotus himself to the slightly unsettling album artwork by famed Japanese manga illustrator Shintaro Kao I simply can’t get enough of this album. If you would’ve told me that this year I would get to listen to an album that took all my favorite parts of J-Dilla/Nujabes style ethereal beat music and kamakazied them into an ocean of my favorite Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock (who, incidentally, actually features on a track on this album) jazz standards I would’ve slapped you in the face and the kissed you deep with tongue. This album features other incredible artists including Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, Brendon Small (Ok?), Laura Darlington and even the old Snoop Doggster. Call me an impartial critic if you will, but after listening to this album and seeing him live on his official You’re Dead! tour my respective panties are all kinds of dropped for this record.


Young Fathers – Dead (Anticon/Big Dada)

At a close second, this mysterious scottish trio weave powerfully evocative rap lyrics and soulful vocals with dark, detuned, synth driven tracks. They’re unforgiving hip hop for the discontent, new age instrumentalist who has become disenfranchised with the status quo of what hip hop should and shouldn’t be. A “Death Grips” for the less angsty, if you will. I saw these guys live with Baths and although I can’t say that I saw one of the leather-trenchcoat and wool turtleneck sporting members of Young Fathers come even close to cracking a smile on stage it was a magnanimous experience that not even the album can do justice. Much to their chagrin, this debut album received widespread praise, even bagging them the Album Of The Year award in their homeland of Scotland. Their nonchalant attitude to the world of monetized music, awards and incessant genre pigeon holing makes this one of a kind album a perfect icing to Young Father’s generally intense, stoic cake.


FKA Twigs – LP1 (Young Turks)

Wow. So, ok. After a few EP’s and some confusing but sexually arousing music video FKA Twigs, the English born trip-hop vocalist drops this gem on us. There’s not much else to say about her feathery, airy vocals that tickle your heart and downstairs parts other than DAMN. Not to mention the fact that the music behind the vocals themselves are pretty intense and driving so if you’re some sort of heathen who doesn’t like the sound of angels singing in your ear you’ll at least enjoy the no-doubtedly experimental collection of industrial-esque trip hop beats. Three thumbs up.


Baths – Ocean Death EP (Anticon)

Although this isn’t my favorite of his releases by far it says a lot when even the worst of your favorite artist’s releases still manages to billy kick you in the heart box. Baths has been dropping sonic weirdness all over the internet for years but after receiving a thorough butt tonguing from the pharaos at Pitchfork for his 2013 release “Obsidian” he’s been storming the electronic scene with his patented brand of longing falsettos and melodic, faintly synth-pop beats. I realize I’m writing this review like I hate him, and maybe I do a little bit, but I just can’t stop listening.


Teebs – Estara (Brainfeeder)

I have to admit, this wouldn’t qualify under my “most played” albums of the year, but the few times I’ve put it on it has transformed my day into a terrifying but transcendent lapse of time and awareness. Have I really been sitting at my desk listening to Teebs on loop for 3 hours? I guess I have. Teebs, a fairly young addition to the Los Angeles based Brainfeeder collective, is a beat maker (and visual artist, seriously) of the highest caliber, taking the concept of crate diving, mixing it in a generous helping of high-fidelty sonic assault and wrapping it in lofi silk. My horrible metaphors aside, its one of the most relaxing listens I’ve been privy to this year. From jazz, funk, r&b to soul, Teebs masters it all in this unbelievably cohesive sophomore release.


Sivu – Something On High (Static Signals)

To change gears a bit, here’s one of my favorite singer songwriters from this year. British born Sivu writes and performs a familiar kind of dreamy, indie pop with a unique electronic edge. The computerized accents are infrequent but extremely fitting alongside his acoustic guitar and raspy timbre. Its just the kind of melodic songsmithing that leaves you staring blankly at walls and thinking fondly of the break-up soundtracks you used to jam as a teenager. Its a refreshing take on the one-man one-guitar genre of pop that often feels forced and contrived in today’s market of sad kids, stratocasters and feathered bangs. His single “Better Man Than He” is a must listen, even if the rest of the album isn’t your cup of tea.




Post image for New Ha Ha Tonka Video “Lessons”

We can’t claim firsties on the new video by indie rockers, Ha Ha Tonka. It premiered yesterday at AV Club, but we thought we’d share it just the same. This is our first brush with the Missouri boys, and this single smacks of Spoon doing a Wilco impression, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

Adorned in a wash of grays, the video, directed by Brook Linder, has a classic, vintage feel and just lets you experience the band and their song with minimal frills. I’ll take it. Now let’s have a little talk about cultural appropriation, boys… – Joshua Isaac Finch